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Tips for Starting an Online Beauty Business during a Pandemic

Online Beauty Business

Many businesses have experienced losses and even bankruptcy during this time of the pandemic. In fact, not a few people have lost their jobs, and become unemployed in this difficult time.

Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic. This hard time also makes people to look for new ideas to make money.

According to Christina Lie, founder of 101red, said that there are many ways that someone can keep earning during this pandemic period. One of them that you can try is to do a dropshipping business. “The dropshipping business is in high demand, because the capital and risks involved in online business are minimal,” said Christina.

This business is worth considering the trend in sales of makeup and skincare tends to remain stable during the pandemic. Still according to her, the business potential of beauty products always increases every year.

If you are a beginner and are interested in running an online beauty business, here are some tips from Christina Lie that you can apply.

Understand that trends changed annually

Beauty trends experience rapid development and change every year. If you want your product to be in demand by consumers and make money, then understand what trends are booming that year.

Have knowledge about skin and beauty problems

To start a beauty business during a pandemic, it’s a good idea to have knowledge about skin and beauty problems. This is important so that you can answer consumer questions about the product that you are selling. In contrast to other types of products, consumers will tend to be more careful and choosy about the beauty products they buy.

knowledge about skin and beauty problems
knowledge about skin and beauty problems

Take advantage of social media

During a pandemic like this, of course, activities outside the home are very limited. You cannot do door-to-door promotions, or meet consumers in public places. That’s why using social media to promote the beauty products that you sell. And without leaving the house, you still have the opportunity to attract many potential customers.

Aware with the types of products that consumers are currently interested in

During a pandemic like this, there may be less demand for products such as lipsticks and powders. But it little bit different with skin care products such as serums, masks and essence. Consumers still need skincare products to care for their skin during WFH. So if you want to start a beauty business during this pandemic, then it’s a good idea to focus on skin care products first.

Be diligent in doing research with Google Trends

Google Trend can be the right tool to find out consumer interest in beauty products during this pandemic. During the lockdown or WFH period, people will spend more of their time browsing certain products via the internet. That’s why some skincare and beauty products have become a trend, and are being hunted by many people. To find out what types of beauty products are trending and are being discussed a lot, do research frequently through Google Trends. You’ll get complete data about the trend of consumer interest in a beauty product during this pandemic.