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Make Your Secondhand Shopping Hassle-free by Knowing These 5 Tips and Tricks

secondhand Shopping

At some moment, secondhand shopping can become as tempting as firsthand shopping. Besides the affordable alternatives for getting new outfit, we are encouraged to be more sensible in hedonism habit. Not to mention, it is an eco-friendly habit too because we help reducing carbon footprint. Are you a vintage-style lover? Well, it becomes smart idea to collect old-fashioned stuffs.

But it becomes troublesome activity if you have no clue on how to do that smartly. From untidy display, good stuffs usually are buried by unappealing one, and hard to find the qualified items. To overcome these problems, let see the tips and tricks down below. But before that, you have to understand the glossary first.

secondhand Shopping
secondhand Shopping

There are many style of secondhand shoppers. From bygone eras to vintage style seeker. Also there are people who only want to choose based on brand names and the rest of them only think about cheap price. All of these preferences can be accommodated as long as you know some useful terms:

  • Consignment: someone who sells their secondhand stuff on behalf of themselves as a return for percentage of upfront profit. Since the price is little bit expensive, people tend to give harsh review on it.
  • Vintage boutique: a retailer offers you past decades items, around fifty years old, with highly curated craftsmanship and unique pieces.
  1. Prepare a list

To make it works, you need a purpose while doing secondhand shopping. How to define your purpose? First, look at your wardrobe. What do you need? Is there any wish-list item that you do not have it yet? From that observations, make a shopping list to guide you on the store.

  1. Does it look good?

Practice makes perfect. If you used to it, you will know what kind of materials that worth buying and durable. So, do not be in rush while picking the items. Good fabrics usually feel nicer, softer, thicker, and more sturdy. To know that, it is not enough to only count your eyes. Run your hand delicately and examine the feeling.

secondhand Shopping
secondhand Shopping
  1. Distinct your searched items if you buy online

Online shopping and games from offers more diverse options than offline. But, it becomes trickier to good one. The tips are using the brand names as keyword or just make it more specific instead of general description like “t-shirt”. The keyword can be like this: black animal printed t-shirt, white Longchamp wallet, off-white long sleeve shirt, etc.

  1. Trying before buying

Make sure that your desired items suit into your body by fitting it. Better to prepare yourself with loose shirt to make the fitting process easily. Do not forget to look yourselves in the mirror. It is essential to know whether it is good in your body and comfortable or not.

  1. Small flaw is okay

Looking for exactly suitable with your wants may be a hard job. Most likely, you find a good shirt but slightly bigger than your size or the button is missing. Better to take it and go to the local tailor to fix it and make it your “brand-new outfit”.