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3 Brilliant Tips to Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a need, indeed. But have you ever calculate how much money you spend in a month for shopping? Most people put grocery shopping on the first list instead of shopping for fashion, coffee shop, or books. So, how to have better financial planning on something you should do it every month, every week?

Grocery Shopping
Grocery Shopping
  1. Always plan it before you go to the grocery

  • Going to grocery needs plan. If you do not, then you will end up by satisfying your eyes only, not focus on what you really need. So, think about items run out on your stock. Then, write it down on a piece of paper or your phone. It is not only avoid to forget something, but to prevent you get distracted from something you do not need.
  • It may sound silly, but cleaning up your refrigerator regularly and make it organized somehow will help you to shop wiser. You will know what ingredients left and still usable. So, you will not make mistakes by buying something that you already bought it last week. Do not forget to always check the expiry date to ensure it is edible.
  1. Be wise on what you put on shopping cart

  • Do not go shopping in hungry or when you still playing at You will be tempted by snacks or foods only by its packaging. Stick to your grocery list and go directly into the aisles that display that stuffs.
  • Unless you can hold your shopping desire, do not spend too much time by walking around all the aisles in the store. That is why, it is better to shop on store you already familiar with. So you will not get lost on the unknown aisles.
Save Money While Grocery Shopping
Save Money While Grocery Shopping
  • Buying cut fruit and vegetables in trimmed plastic tubs will absolutely cost you. Irrationally, sometimes it is about three times than natural fresh ingredient. You may feel way more convenient, but it is actually a super simple job to do at home. Moreover, peeled fruit or veggie makes it less fresh since we do not know when they cut it until we buy and eat it.
  • Also, do not distracted with brand. If you are meticulous enough, you will find certain ingredients with generic package (sometimes do not even have brand) but offer you better price. Just make sure you check the label first to ensure it contains the same with the your favorite brand.
  • Do not forget to regularly check the discount items or if there is available coupon you can get. It sounds simple, but for sure if you accumulate it for a month or entire year the advantage is literally no joke!
  1. Be more creative and think smart, folks!

Sometimes, we stuck up with the same menu for entire months. Turns out, being creative with what you cook can save more money. You can search new recipe from internet that using alternative cheaper ingredients. Do not underestimate cheap food, sometimes they have as well as, or even better, than your usual food.